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I came across this cool article at about a backpack that has been developed by the University of Pensilvaniya with the funding of the US Office of Naval Research that can generate power in the range of 7 Watts from movement.

From the site

“Their trick is to make use of the fact that a walking person moves like an upside-down pendulum. “One foot is put down and then the body vaults over it, causing the hip to move up and down by 4 to 7 centimetres,” he says. And as the hip goes up and down by that vertical distance, so does any load, with the backpack-wearer expending the energy to make it do so.

To retrieve some of that energy as electricity, the team separate the load-carrying sack from the backpack’s frame by mounting it on a spring-loaded plate that is free to move up and down on rail-like rods. “

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