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Yeah, had a struggle late night, and have come to the conclusion that Vista doesnt like my notebook(Dell Inspiron 6400). To be precise it prefers me to stick with Windows XP Home Edition, and is reluctant to upgrade it.

The compatibility report was fine, the only Hardware complaints were

- to Upgrade my Bios - i.e. got to A.11 from A.8

The software complaints were

- Nero - which I can do without for the time being

- McAfee Internet Suite - OMG, no compatibilty with McAfee, allright I'll give Avast a try

ofcourse there were others, but those guys up were the initial show stopper.

Once the compatibilty discrepancies were sorted out, I chose to upgrade, a couple of times, the setup wasnt able to copy the files, it went all the way upto 80+% and said something to the nature of files were corrupt.

Allright, maybe there was something wrong with the DVD, so I mounted the ISO directly using a little known tool from Microsoft and ran the setup again. This time copying the files were OK, the setup went all the way to expanding files and then fell over.

Thankfully the rollback is awesome.

I am actually contemplating whether blowing away my XP Home and installing Vista fresh. But reinstalling an OS from scratch is always a pain, and I am not talking about the OS setup, but all that comes after.

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Upgrading bombed on my D610 also. Actually it bombed twice. I went with the complete repave and haven't had any problems yet.
Left by Tim Hibbard on Dec 15, 2006 5:45 AM

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