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I don't go to many meetings, and that's actually a good thing.

But yesterday I got roped into one hosted by the erstwhile IT department at my client's facility. They are in the last 6 months of probably a year project surrounding a $3Million dollar upgrade to what I consider a DBMS tool.

Yeah... that wasn't a typo... and the 80s are calling wanting this sucker back too, at least the old one. No field validation so data I get propogated into the part of Oracle I have access to is all honked because the people in the factory type whatevertheydamnwellplease and the 'tool' says "cool, thanks!"

So we're sitting there and the guy heading the meeting logs into the workstation in the conference room, and runs whatever tool it is to get to the spreadsheet he wants to open, and nothing looked odd to me, but he's fumbling all around trying to figure out how to use Excel because, surprise! ... the machine has Office 2007 on it... and he's never seen it before.

And consequently I had to sit there and listen to them all bitchandmoan about how Microsoft changes things "all the time" and "I hate this", etc.... when the fact is they're for the first time using a tool that is 3 weeks shy of being 3 years old... in technology years, that's a generation!

And... he's one of the two in charge of this $3Million dollar roll-out... trying to figure out what SCHEMA CHANGES the company has made... sheesh!

Thanks for inviting me to the meeting, guys... you've once again proved to me with your 'wisdom' why I don't work directly for your company, and why I have always worked either independent or for small companies. The corporate mentality of 'silos' and spending all day working hard to protect your 'turf' just drives me insane.

Or maybe I was already!

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 8:42 AM Rants | Back to top

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