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If you are not seeing changes you've made to your xdoc comments, it's possible that NDoc is referring to an old xdoc file. 

I had this occur when, some time ago, I had set my project's build options to use a XML Documentation File (eg MyAssembly.xml), then at a later state I cleared the setting.  When I set up NDoc to point to my assembly (eg MyAssembly.dll) it used the MyAssembly.xml file instead.  This caused two problems - firstly it the docs were out of date, and secondly any changes I made subsequently did not get shown.

The next problem was that certain sections were missing, eg a classes summary or a members remarks.

This problem was caused because the xml documentation file (eg MyAssembly.xml) contained invalid xml.  You can verify this by opening the xml documentation file generated by Visual Studio (eg MyAssembly.xml) and search for the following message (that VS output's instead of the section that contains the invalid xml):

In my case the problem was caused by using the ampersand character (&) instead of 'and'.



Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 2:06 PM C# .NET , ASP.NET | Back to top

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