Effective Chat

So I thought I’d write down some tips for using a chat application effectively on a development team. Chat applications can revolutionize a how a development team works and even its culture. I’ll go through some of the goals of implementing a chat application, some best practices, and pitfalls.

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Testing Workflows – Test-First

This is the second of two posts on some common strategies for approaching the job of writing tests. So here is a partial list of some test-first methodologies: Ping Pong, Test Blazer, TDD, ATDD, and BDD.

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Testing Workflows – Test-After

In this post I’m going to outline a few common methods that can be used to increase the coverage of of your test suite. Each approach you are skilled at applying is another tool in your tool belt. The more vectors of attack you have on a problem – the better. In this post I’ll enumerate some test-after workflows: Bug Reporting, Exploratory Testing, Examples, Smoke Tests, Coverage Analysis, and Test Refactoring.

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Inside a Pairing Session

This last of three posts on pair programming covers how to conduct a successful pairing session.

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Scheduling Pairing Sessions

This second of three posts on pair program discusses how to get over the initial hurdles of starting to get pairing into your routine.

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Benefits of Pair Programming

This is the first in a three part post on pair programming. This post describes the benefits of pairing, including: improved quality, lower development costs, pair learning, and team building.

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Software Development Processes Links

A while ago I did a talk that was a very general overview of many of the popular software development processes being used in the industry. Following the talk I released a large list of additional resources. Go forth learn. Here is that list.

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Reason Based User Stories

In my previous post I described my feeling on why it is so critically important to develop a good user story. However I didn’t go into much detail on how that is done. I’m going to cover that in this post.

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The User Story Is The Thing

If any developer feels the need to improve the user story, solution, or requirement they are presented with that developer needs to be empowered, nay encouraged, to ask whatever questions are necessary to improve that user story.

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