Monday, March 5, 2012
ThrowIfMaxHttpCollectionKeysExceeded error message when doing postback

Microsoft recently (12-29-2011) released an update to address several serious security vulnerabilities in the .NET Framework. One of the fixes introduced by MS11-100 temporarily mitigates a potential DoS attack involving hash table collisions. It appears this fix breaks pages that contain a lot of POST data. In our case, on pages that have very large checkbox lists. Why would this be the case?

There are some information on this limit to be at if your webpage was working fine earlier and it all of a sudden started crashing with the following message -

"Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object." whenever a post back is done.

the stack trace is

at System.Web.HttpValueCollection.ThrowIfMaxHttpCollectionKeysExceeded() at System.Web.HttpValueCollection.FillFromEncodedBytes(Byte[] bytes, Encoding encoding) at System.Web.HttpRequest.FillInFormCollection()

Then  probably you have crossed the default limit for the postdata collection key.

To overcome this limit, add the following line of code in you <appsetting> section of web.config

<add key="aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys" value="2001" />

Hope this helps someone..           

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