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Learn how Culpepper and Associates created a Web based Job Maintenance Application from their previous MS Access tool.

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Culpepper was in need of an easy way to update the job descriptions and job-level hierarchy for all of our jobs and this article explains how Visual WebGui made building this application very easy, while allowing quick development process and ease of use by the management and end users.

The initial release took about 2 weeks to develop rather than the 4-6 weeks that was scheduled as stated by Anders. "I have done some Ajax coding for other applications I have worked on, and no matter how automated the Ajax tools claim to be, you always end up getting involved in manual Javascript coding.  I am a VB.NET programmer by choice (I can program in C# and JavaScript, but prefer VB for its readability), and always have a little harder time getting through the JavaScript required for Ajax.  The idea that your framework handles ALL of the Ajax plumbing behind the scenes where I don’t even have to see it is amazing. This alone saved me at least 1-2 weeks of JavaScript coding."

"With many third-party controls/frameworks there is a steep learning curve in figuring out how to program them. It is obvious to me that great care was taken to try to make Visual WebGui controls look, behave, and program very similar to their Windows Forms counterparts. This makes a big difference when starting with a new toolset. The familiarity of the controls combined with the performance of lightweight Ajax calls make Visual WebGui truly great!" said Stephen Anders.

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Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 1:18 AM Web Development , Web Design , Open Source Community | Back to top

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