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The future is in Cloud Computing, was Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie's main message at the Think Next convention in Tel Aviv last month. During his keynote speech, Ozzie said we are experiencing the most exciting time of the PC era thanks to the proliferation of a wide range of PCs in many shapes and sizes and an increase in the number of PCs bought per person and family. Meanwhile, cellular phones are also expanding their capabilities and will be soon supported by a large range of applications and services that utilize Cloud Computing. According to Ozzie, Cloud services are the source for a wave of new innovations that will enable computer users to transport applications and information between platforms via the Internet.

During his short visit to Israel, Ray Ozzie met a handful local start-up companies. One of those companies was Gizmox, who develops a Cloud development platform. The company's Visual WebGui Web & Cloud platform allows organizations to port their software assets to the Cloud in an extremely fast and low-cost method. Visual WebGui’s virtualization technology allows users to run their organization's on-premises applications on the Cloud while dramatically reducing their cloud bandwidth and CPU usage.

Following Ozzie’s meeting with Gizmox CEO Navot Peled, the company announced that Gizmox is ready to expand its partnership with Microsoft, who is evaluating the use of Gizmox's Visual WebGui technology for its Windows Azure  Cloud Computing platform. Last week, July 13-17, Gizmox was invited to present Visual WebGui as part of the Azure Cloud services at Microsoft's 2009 World Partners Conference (WPC). According to Peled, Visual WebGui is going to be a Windows Azure application enabler, and Microsoft and Gizmox will work together to facilitate the transformation of enterprises software assets into Azure cloud. 

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