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There is a serious debate going on these days about the future of IT and in which direction the web or the cloud technologies will take us. The following article from Codeguru reviews that subject.

"It is a well-known theory that the web and cloud will gradually force out client applications. All that would be needed is a computer with Internet access. In fact, even the full-fledged operating systems in use today would be excessive, as data will be stored on remote servers with necessary software available in the form of various web services. Could this really happen?

Despite all the benefits that may be initially apparent, there are many opponents to this theory. Advocates believe that at some point, the web will completely supplant client applications. The opponents are adamant that the web will never be able to fully replace many client applications, and that some users, and in particularly enterprises with sensitive data, will never agree to store their important and confidential information on remote servers that could potentially be accessed by others.

Rather than re-hash the already-exhausted debate, this article will highlight the key challenges of migrating and web enabling client application to be consumed over the web and cloud, as well as offer possible solutions from the views of developers and architects..."

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Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 1:31 AM Web Development , Cloud computing | Back to top

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