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Following a need for an enhanced web based solution it was decided to convert the current VB Content Management System (CMS). After evaluating various Ajax frameworks for this project such as the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit and Gaia Ajax for ASP.NET the developer (Luca Morelli) decided to go with Visual WebGui because it could provide a desktop-like user experience and similar UI and allowed to implementing additional functionalities over the original solution with ease and reduce the learning time for the user.

The solution needed to be migrated to web was a VB content management with parametric document layout and workflow definition for small medium companies that need to organize the approval of internal documents.
The application should provide each customer with a customized type of documents, types of data, fields (with data coming generally from external programs) and set of rules. It should also allow configuring roles and workflows that are not very complex but unique for each of them, so there was a need for a solution that would allow configuration capabilities of the system to create and import documents based on their need and approve with their rules.

You can learn more about the conversion project on

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We have a system like a learning. I'ts all about animals. But my professor wants to make it a CMS(Content Management System)...
What shall I do? Do i need to code it???
Left by angel on Feb 26, 2012 6:26 PM

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