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Windows Developers find themselves with more development options these days. This could be greatly due to the contribution of Visual WebGui which allows them to make the transition into Web or even Cloud development without having to learn new languages, concepts or development methodologies.

The VWG platform is a unique springboard for desktop developers to jump into the deep waters of the Web programming world, wearing a life belt that protects them from all the foreign terms and concepts. New swimmers get themselves wet everyday now and learn that they could finally join their coleagues and build even better web applications than those Web experts. All this is possible due to the unique architecture that maintains the Client/Server architecture but with a couple of changes VWG turns into a native Web application.

This has already have many real-time implementation:

"Only after a short look at code of the example applications there were no problems for our developers to build a new application," Walter Greiner of Herrmann who replaced an Excel based application with a Web based Project Time Management system.

Developers who were intimidated by the move to the world of web development immediately turned enthusiastic with the new project in Visual WebGui because they could feel useful again." Toni Garcias who led OA6 to move their Airline Maintenance Logistics system to Web.

"The ease of development of the UI with Visual WebGui is just amazing! During the project execution, we have seen desktop developers who never worked in web applications learn the framework and be productive in record time. The hassles of JavaScript, Ajax, and HTML are absent which increases productivity many folds". Vijay Phulwadhawa whose company put an automated HR system on the Web.

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