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Tonight, I checked-in changes to streaming in LINQ to Twitter. The primary refactoring was to remove the automatic error handling that had been in place since the beginning of stream support in LINQ to Twitter.

The primary problem with my previous approach is that a 3rd party library should not be performing exception handling on behalf of a developer. Originally, I thought it would be a great feature to do what I could to reduce the pain associated with HTTP exceptions that occur when communicating with Twitter. The basic functionality I’m referring to is the need to catch exceptions and retry with a back-off strategy that’s consistent with Twitter’s guidance for Connecting with a streaming endpoint. However, the issue is that the developer doesn’t really see what is happening unless they watch the log messages that LINQ to Twitter produces or perform their own debugging. The previous design reduces a developer’s ability to help themselves. Moving forward, anyone who needs to use streams should design their own approach, following Twitter’s guidelines.

If you are a current user of LINQ to Twitter’s streaming support, you’ll need to implement error handling if you upgrade to the next release, which will be v2.1.05. If you would like to get started early, the new source code is available for download.


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