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Loading music to your iPod without a PC or Internet connection is now possible using a nifty little device calle the iLoad. Many families may own more than one or two iPods, so a device like this could benefit users who have to share one PC with one Internet connection.

The iLoad connects to any iPod and converts music from a CD into a compressed MP3 file format to then transfer it directly into an iPod. It only takes about eight minutes to copy a full length CD, but users also have the option of selecting individual tracks to transfer to the iPod.

The company's other device, the iLoad-v connects to a cable box or satellite TV to record content that is then easily loaded to a Video iPod or USB storage device, also without the need of an Internet connection or PC. Both are great options for iPod users.

Posted on Monday, May 1, 2006 4:12 PM Life | Back to top

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