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Dance with the devil:

A recent blog/item in the New York Times reports how upset Google are with MS for the new IE 7 search window and the fact it defaults to MSN search!

Now call me stupid if you want too but isn’t that a little rich when no one is calling for Firefox to default its search window to MSN and not Google where it makes all its revenue (see previous blog!)Google are concerned MS will ‘pinch’ all the advertising click thro’ revenue!

Now this would be a serious point if you couldn’t change the default search provider for the window – but you can!!!

After years of loving Google I’m really starting to hate this overweight cooperate giant – I use the words deliberately here. and anyway what about Ask and Yahoo shouldn’t the search engine default to theses guys???

For once, just like Firefox, Microsoft lets the user decide!!


Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 6:04 AM | Back to top

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I couldn't agree more. I liken people being blindly pro-Google to individuals that are blindly pro-Apple, or pro-Linx (or other open source). The operative word for me here though , is blindly. I have no problem with anyone feeling strongly for anything, but being loving everything a company/artist/whatever does just because they are inherently who they are is very adjitating. I find this is the feeling I usually get when I wander over to Slashdot...Many posters are blindly anti m$ and pro-Open source...Annoying.
Left by Sanjay on May 02, 2006 12:44 PM

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