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Seven by Seven:

While reading Malcome Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” I came across the old experiment that indicates most people are separated by six hops. In Hollywood this gave rise to the ‘game’ of how many degrees of separation are there between a particular actor and Kevin Bacon. The fact is that there is never more than 6!

More interestingly when all contempary actors and their connections are analysed we come up with some interesting stats. Most actors are only separated by 3 degrees. The most connected actor is Rod Stieger with an average separation of around 2.6 – John Wayne can only manage 2.75!

So this got me thinking. What is the separation between software packages? Well this is not that exciting – For example Lotus notes and Infopath…

1. Lotus notes to Lotus 123

2. Lotus 123 to Excel

3. Excel to MS Office

4. MS Office to Infopath

Not much fun there really!

So then I thought what is the separation between Bill G and Larry O – well the answer is I don’t know – so you lot out there give me your answer – looking for smallest separation!


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