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June 2006 Entries

Ron Garet did write about his personal experiences at NASAs JPL and how Lisp did perform in outer world (deep space) AI robotic projects. He was kinda disappointed by the way Lisp was abandoned in favor of C and Java because of C-Lisp integration problems. I think it would be interesting to have a look at todays programming languages and their possible future.The programming languages differ in many aspects such as Used Programming Paradigm Standard Libraries SyntaxToday the most widely used languages ......

This time I wanted to write something about the .NET Framework that is solved not optimal of the .NET Framework. My unsuspecting victim is the well known System.Diagnostics.Trace class. Static classes have the big plus that they are easy to use but they can be very hard to maintain if you want to extend it (no derivation) and have a lifetime problem with the objects that are created inside it. The Trace facade is in my opinion a prominent example of how you should not design a reliable static facade ......