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October 2009 Entries

Just a quick note to myself to remember the registry key HKLM\Software\Policies\Micr... NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon DWORD SyncForegroundPolicy=0x1 Setting this key will ensure that Windows does not try to log on until the network subsystem has been fully initialized. Domain users with a roaming profile revert back to a local profile because the log on is simply too fast. When no user is sitting in front of the PC to enter his user name and password Windows does not always have enough time ......

Did you ever wonder why your system at random times hangs? Sometimes it comes back after a few seconds (could simply be paging) but at least once a day I wish I would be able to know why the system is responding so slowly. Before going into kernel land I must confess that I have never written a device driver so my knowledge to kernel mode debugging is quite limited but on the other hand if you did not do this either you will have a much easier time to follow me. Some hangs seem to be Heisenbugs which ......