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One thing that I like about windows 7 is the sticky notes app. I have seen several discussions about the default font, mainly that people don’t like it. I don’t like it either and it is not possible to change the font in the Sticky Notes but you can solve the problem with a workaround. Sticky Notes accepts the formatting of the text when you paste it from another application. What I usually do is to keep one instance of wordpad open, type my text there and then paste it into a new note when I need one. Or just do this for the first note, then copy a piece of text from the one onto the new one. This will give you the formatting that you want.

What do I use them for?

I have replaced my “TODO” paper that I used to have, with a listing of what to do today. Just to keep track of what to do. For this purpose I find the electronic task system to complicated. Like Outlooks task, they are great for things that shall be performed before a task at or before a specific date. But it is to complicated for my simple list of “today's work”.

So now I have my own little one day sprint planning board on my desktop. I just split the background image of windows into TODO, DOING, DONE and move around my sticky notes. Hopefully the TODO section is empty by the end of the day. And I just delete things when they are not needed anymore. But putting the notes i DONE serves to purposes. It gives a nice feeling of having accomplished some work during the day and it gives me a good picture of what I have done when it is time to do my time reporting.

So my desktop looks like this:


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