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David Blomqvist April 2010 Entries
New Blank Solution in Visual Studio 2010
The option to create solutions from the file menu have not been available for several generations of Visual Studio now. But new for the 2010 version is that Visual Studio does not ask me where I want my new project and solution. It always put the in My Documents: C:\Users\db\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects If you want put your projects somewhere else, or just want a blank solution without a project. The You should open “Other Project Types/Visual Studio Solutions” where “Blank solution” is ......

Posted On Monday, April 19, 2010 11:49 PM

Copy diagram with swimlanes in Enterprise Architect
This is a post mostly to myself, so that when I forget this I can come here and check it out :) (I forget about ctrl-b from time to time) When copying diagrams from Enterprise Architect you can use ctrl-B to include the swim-lanes. A normal ctrl-c will not give you the swim-lanes. A side effect is that ctrl—b gives you a copy of the whole diagram, you cannot select what objects to copy. So marking objects first or pressing ctrl-A to selects all is both unnecessary and meaningless since ctrl-b seems ......

Posted On Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:04 PM

VS2010 changes your ASP.NET Version on setup projects to 4 - regardless
When converting your projects to VS2010 you get the question to migrate them to .net4. But even if you do not do that VS set the ASP.NET version to 4 for setup projects. And then when you try to install your application on a machine that does not have .NET 4 installed you will get the error message: “Could not open key: Software\Microsoft\ASP.NET\... Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel” What you need to do is to change the ASP.NET version ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 14, 2010 11:49 PM

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