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In Part 1 I showed how to create and publish a simple Orchestration demo. Now we’ll finish configuring it in the admin console and test it.

Open the BizTalk Server 2009 Administration Console, and expand BizTalk Server 2009 Administration, then Applications. You should have an entry for OrchestrationPortDemo – expand it as well.

First, we’ll add the Receive Port – the place that we’ll drop the test file. Right-click on Receive Ports and select New One-way Receive Port. On the General tab, name it InputPort, then click over to Receive Locations.

Click New to add a new location. Your receive location can be FTP, SQL, WCF, SharePoint, or many other choices, but for this demo we’ll add a File location. Click the Configure button and set a receive folder (something like “C:\PortDemo\”) and a file mask (stick with “*.xml” for now) and click OK three times to create your Receive Port.

Next we’ll create the Send port – the location where BizTalk will drop the file. Right-click on Send Ports and choose New Static One-way Send Port. Give it an appropriate name, and configure the FILE Transport Properties as shown:

Click OK twice and your Send Port will be created.

Now we’ll configure the Orchestration Bindings. Click on Orchestrations, then right-click the orchestration itself and select Properties. Select the Bindings tab. Choose BizTalkServerApplication as the host, and select the Send and Receive ports you previously created, as shown:

Now it’s time to fire everything up. Right-click on the send port you created and click Start. Once the Status column displays “Started”, click on Receive Locations and Enable the Receive Location previously created. Finally, start the Orchestration.

Now, time to test! Create a simple xml file like:


And drop it into the C:\PortDemo folder. After a couple of seconds the file should disappear – this indicates BizTalk has picked it up for processing. Look in the C:\PortDemo\Output folder and you should see an xml file with a GUID for a name, like {7C50104F-FC3E-4A49-B2FA-4F560A37636D}.xml. Open it to verify that it matches your input file.

Practically, this demo doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot, but it shows you the basics for building, publishing and running an orchestration.

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# re: BizTalk Orchestration & Port Tutorial Part 2
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Could you please help me. I have BizTalk installed on \\abc machine on network. At my desktop I have only BizTalk tools installed.
I also made file transfer solution by your step-by-step toutorial - all fine! Thanks!!! Except one issue. How to deploy my solution to the remote \\abc server?
Thank you!

PS: Answer here, to my email or Skype please.
Left by Mciahel Zamyslov on Mar 30, 2010 7:16 AM

# re: BizTalk Orchestration & Port Tutorial Part 2
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Hi. Is there any way I can configure the BizTalk Admin (not the Orchestration) to send a flat file to an FTP location and keep a copy of it on a local folder, e.g. c:\projectA\OUT.

Thank you very much!
Left by Thierry on Dec 08, 2010 1:08 PM

# re: BizTalk Orchestration & Port Tutorial Part 2
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Wow...seldom am I lucky enough to stumble onto the perfect tutorial on the first try; succinct, just the right amount of clarity, and not containing anything leading a geek astray onto other esoteric matters.

Thank you, mr Osuch!
Left by Morten Bergfall on Jul 12, 2011 4:45 PM

# re: BizTalk Orchestration & Port Tutorial Part 2
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I was really disappointed in Star Trek V - The Final Frontier. I thought Shatner's ego really got in the way. The plot was okay - Spock having an emotional half-human brother - but it didn't pan out. And the acting? Liek when Uhura was dancing on the sand dune so the enemy would crawl up to her so that Kirk and Pals could pop over the top and say Surprise! Or the attack on the unorganized village? And the obvious rip-off of the Star Wars club scene.

But still, it spawned a great Mystery Science Theatre 3000 bootleg interpretation of the STV movie, and it was awesone. You can find it for free anywhere on the Internet.

Oh, and as for BizTalk Orchestrations, really, I'd rather code PHP.
Left by Mike from Iowa on Jul 26, 2011 2:45 PM

# re: BizTalk Orchestration & Port Tutorial Part 2
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Very useful post for a beginner like me :-)
Left by Mayur Jadhav on Aug 27, 2012 1:44 AM

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