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With this grassroots effort, several techie groups have met to discuss how they can help the people of Haiti with various projects they started. Here’s a list of projects:

Check out their Wiki and try to get involved if you can.

We Have, We Need Exchange
This project will create a "Craigslist" type of self-identified needs and requests by non-profits assisting in Haiti relief operations.
Clay Johnson @cjoh

Port Au Prince Basemap
This project will provide new geospatial perspectives and data points to create a base map for non-profits in need of current geospatial information.

Mapping NGOs in Action, On Wave
This project will be to gather contact information, social media data (i.e. Twitter feeds, blogs) to create an overview of relief assistance deployed to Haiti.)
Coordinator: Noel Dickover,, @NoelDickover

Languages and Translation
This project is dedicated to exploring how technology can assist in language translation, transcription as well as provide persons with special needs abilities to better communicate and engage with relief assistance.
Coordinator: Greg Elin, @gregelin

Mobile Applications 4 Crisis Response
This project would create mobile phone applications which can assist in locating news, resources, language translation and visual communications tools.
Coordinator: Chris Selmer @cselmer betterendeavor [Skype], Jonathan Nelson @jonathannelson, Brendan Lim @brendanlim

Crisis Wiki
This project would assist National Public Radio to create a Crisis Wiki to share real time information in a collaborative space.
Coordinator: Andy Carvin, National Public Radio, @acarvin [Skype]

Spinoff from/for Crisis Wiki: Regional Twitter lists for Gathering Support in Crises
As part of the Crisis Wiki, we've created a Twitter account (@crisiswiki) that has a series of Twitter lists with people/groups that can help to spread the word about fundraisers, crisis camps, and other other crisis response efforts.
Coordinator: Jared Goralnick, AwayFind, @technotheory

CrisisCamp Art Assets
This project provides useful graphical assets for CrisisCamp projects. We've developed an initial set of logos for the projects in DC. Please your assets here.

Information for Radio Broadcast
Focus on creating and maintaining an easy to access, one-way communications oriented list of current activity, reach out to all local and international radio broadcasting in Haiti.
Coordinator: @sandraxi (Sandra Davila) + @jelly_project (Kunal Gupta)

Family Reunification Systems, aka PeopleFinder
This project will be focused on searching for cataloging missing persons databases and information pages, providing constructive suggestions for the[ [International Committee of the Red Cross FamilyLinks]] [3] website, [tagging news photos][4], [review of the People Finder Interchange Format][5] and document how to connect pictures.
Coordinator: Andy Carvin, National Public Radio, @acarvin [Skype]

This project is focused on building a collaboration tool to provide non-profit organizations with available volunteer technical assistance. This system should also be able to create Tech Action Teams which would be able to solve technical challenges.
Coordinator: Name, Organization, @Twitter, Skype

Tweak the Tweet
The University of Colorado at Boulder's Empowering the Public with Crisis Information program seeks to build a collaboration network to promote Tweet-friendly hashtag-based syntax to help direct Twitter communications for more efficient data extraction for those communicating about the Haiti earthquake disaster. Use only requires modifications of Tweet messages to make information pieces that refer to #location, #status, #needs, #damage and several other elements of emergency communications more machine parsable.
Coordinator: Jeannie Stamberger CMU, Kate Starbird, University of Colorado at Boulder,, Twitter: @epiccolorado, Skype ID katestarbird30

Web Site: [6] [7]

The Haiti Timeline
There is a great need to fully understand the progression of events, news, data, photos and video from the time of the earthquake through the recovery process. Ideally, this would be a wiki based approach to document series of events, types of data available and when actions occurred.
Coordinator: Name, Organization, @Twitter, Skype

Creole-French-English Phrase Dictionary Wiki
Growable source for basic phrases concentrating on those immediately useful to medical personnel.

Log of what NGO's and other groups are doing in Haiti
Los Angeles started a Google Spreadsheet with info from news articles.

Lazy Twitter Search
An evolving list of terms to include and exclude in Twitter searches.

Legal Issues with CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp Haiti
Description = This project will be to identify and address legal issues with CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp Haiti (i.e. preventing IP infringement and ensuring proper use of commons work product).
Coordinator: Stephen Wu, Cooke Kobrick & Wu LLP and American Bar Association Section of Science and Technology Law,, @StephenSWu

Haitian Stories
A place for the people of Haiti to tell their stories of survival and loss.
Coordinator: Chris Selmer, Intridea - @cselmer,

Simple Tasks Anyone Can Do
A collection of simple tasks volunteers can sign on to do.
Coordinator: none

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