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Brian Madsen, LinkedIn .Net User Group Manager, Microsoft MVP, Blogger, & Consultant at byBrick Development AB

You know when you meet someone and you say to yourself, “this person is my new best friend.” (but not in a creepy way.) Brian Madsen is one of those super genuine, fun and funny guys. He also happens to have a little group on LinkedIn called, Linked.NET Users Group (LIDNUG), where he and around 52,000 of his closest friends talk coding, entrepreneurship and all things .NET. We’re honored to have him as part of this issue and show you what’s in his toolbox.

Brian’s Dev Toolbox
Tools should: Pay for themselves.

1. CodeIt.Right

Madsen’s go-to tool is CodeIt.Right from SubMain, a tool he always installs. Madsen likes the real-time code analysis, and ability to customize to your practices.“ “The analytics are good and deep enough that I can get an understanding of what’s been written and also highlight some of the practices the team uses. When you join bigger projects, or long-running solutions, it’s really important to get a view of how the code is written and what areas are being focused on. This is especially true for consultants who tends to be transitional—in and out. Being efficient in the time you have is essential.

2. Lenovo P50

“My foundation tool (as I call it) is the Lenovo P50. It’s a beast of a laptop (XEON Cpu, 64Gb ram) that gives me workstation performance on the go. If money wasn’t a problem I think I’d invest in the Lenovo P70 but for now the P50 is my choice.”

3. Prefix

As far as a dream tool, Madsen would like to see a full-stack DevOps analytics, metrics, Data, Service, CI, CB tool, essentially an all-in-one tool. “Actually, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’m seeing from Stackify lately,” he says. “The PreFix tool covered a really nice area for me (and it’s free!!)”

Given the opportunity, the Microsoft MVP and Lenovo INsider would like to peek into the toolbox of Jeremy Likness (Dir. of Application Development at iVision). “He’s an awesome developer and I wouldn’t mind learning a few things from him.”

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