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I can’t tell you how many companies I’ve seen, of all sizes, who start out with an innovative mission to change the world. They acquire a budget, rally a team together, and get to work for months or years with a grand vision. As time goes on, the scope of the project evolves and grows as complex designs are handed to software engineers from on high. Pressure comes down on the software engineers to pick up the pace, and the scope continues to grow. After all, we’ve waited so long to release this product, what’s another few weeks? But the longer we wait, the more funds are expended, and the more teams become stressed.

In teams that claim to be agile, sprint meetings become focused on point velocity and “requirements,” rather than actual user stories. Tasks are assigned with very little understanding of the big picture. Someone argues that scrum points should be associated with hours, and someone else says days. In the end, both arguments prove equally worthless as software engineers begin to feel that pointing is just a mechanism for micromanaging how much they accomplished in a week.

Finally the product is released! But virtually no one cares. Customers do not emerge. Frantically, every failure becomes someone else’s fault, every success the result of one’s own work.

“Let’s never do that again,” we say. But how do we avoid it?

Concierge Auctions, an online luxury real estate marketplace founded by Laura Brady, was created in order to better facilitate the auctioning of elite properties around the world. Our purpose has always been to solve problems and make processes easier, faster, and better, and that requires a team culture that operates efficiently and with purpose. Here are the cornerstones of how Concierge Auctions innovated on our own process and built a profitable online real estate marketplace with over $1 billion in sales.

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