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Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance
This Ranger solution addresses the People, Process, and Technology guidance for Requirements Engineering (RE) using Team Foundation Server. The goal of this guidance is to provide formalized Microsoft field experience in the form of recommended procedures and processes, Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server configurations, and skill development references for the Requirements Engineering discipline of your application lifecycle.

Visual Studio ALM Rangers
This guidance is created by the Rangers who have the mission to provide out of band solutions for missing features or guidance. This content was created with support from Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and technical specialists from technology communities around the globe, giving you a real-world view from the field, where the technology has been tested and used.

What is in the package?
Requirements Management is a vast area with many disciplines. To address your areas of interest and expertise, we have packaged the content in 9 zip files:

1. Introduction: RM Rangers Guide to the Complete Guide Start Here
2. Requirements Management Planning
3. Requirements Traceability
4. Analysis and Breakdown
5. Requirements Elicitation
6. Requirements Specification
7. Requirements Validation
8. Requirements Change Management and Approval
9. Requirements Management checklist sheet

Mike Schimmel, Siddharth Bhatia, Bijan javidi, Willy-Peter Schaub, Francisco Xavier Fagas AlbarracĂ­n, Hassan Fadili, Larry Guger, Sven Hubert, Thomas Schissler, Tiago Pascoal, Adam Gilmore, Mark Wildenberg, Josh Pepper, Smitty Weygant, Joseph Abukhader, Cissy Ho, Neeraj Elkunchwar, Brian Blackman, Raj Selvaraj, Tina Erwee, Ron Bucktan, Mick Miller

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