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During a recent Exchange 2010 migration, we encountered issues with mail-enabled groups.  At first we thought it was a SMTP related issue as no 2010 mailbox could send mail to any of the groups.  The mail would just disappear.  No NDR was delivered, it wasn’t in the queue, it simply vanished.


Because of this issue, we decided to go ahead and convert all the groups to Universal Mail-Enabled groups through the Exchange 2010 EMC.  This is when we encountered a really strange error.   The groups would not convert stating that the object had invalid characters in its SMTP address.   After checking all the SMTP addresses, no invalid characters or malformed addresses could be found.  It was actually stating a physical address was set as a SMTP address.


















We opened ADSIEdit on the 2003 server and started scanning the attributes of the group object since this object was still a 2003 distribution list,  again nothing could be found.  We then thought about using the 2010 server for the ADSIedit since it was running on 2008 R2 and would show the new attributes added.  Sure enough there was the attribute targetAddress populated with these physical addresses.


The fix was to clear this attribute across every mail-enabled group, then convert the group to an universal mail-enabled group.  This also fixed the strange SMTP issue that we were initially experiencing.


NOTE:  You can use a tool like ADModify.NET to perform bulk object attribute changes. 

Download here:

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