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I have been working on a POC with BTS2006 and data sources adapters (ODBC, DB2, SQL Server - I'll try to post about these later) for the past two weeks and encountered several problems. Nothing serious, but they caused me some pain.

At one point I created a map in a transform shape with three source files. The idea being to create a sort of "merge" of the three documents. I selected the files, the mapper opened, I created the links between sources and destination and all was fine.


  • Message1, Type: Myproject.Source1.Root1
  • Message2, Type: Myproject.source2.Root2
  • Message3, Type: Myproject.source3.Root3

At compilation I got errors such as  "The type name "Root2" does not exist in the type "MyProject.Source1". And the same for "Root3". I don't understand: of course "Root3" does not exist in the type "MyProject.Source1". Why is BizTalk looking in there?

So, I reopened the transform shape and got this message:

I then realized all sources had taken the message type of the first source, like this:

  • Message1, Type: Myproject.Source1.Root1
  • Message2, Type: Myproject.source1.Root2
  • Message3, Type: Myproject.source1.Root3

After wondering for a while and googling the error, I understood what was wrong: namespaces. (This kb article was a good hint). The three messages had the same namespace, so the mapper looks for the second and third source messages in the type of the first message. The solution was simply to use the same namespace as the type (something like http://MyProject/SourceN).


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