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George Clingerman May 2006 Entries
A brief foray into Jellyfish AI
Tonight I got a brief taste of developing the AI for my jellyfish for the Feeding Frenzy level (the equivalent of the ghosts for Pac Man). Browsing the web for the topic, I found that there was a lot more to the Pac-Man ghosts than I realized. I did not know that they each had their own personalities and behaviors. The first ghost will move following to a pre-programmed pattern of movements through the maze (e.g. right, up, left, down, left, ...). This pattern is always the same for a level. The ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:47 PM

Fish Race Source Code, I like to keep my promises.
Well, as I promised, here is the source code for the Fish Race gametype. This code contains all of the basic gameplay logic I'm using for that level. I'll try and do that with each of the levels once they get to a fully playable point. I'm not sure how much use this class is without all the other architecture classes that it works with, but it might be helpful just to get a feel for how I am structuring things. [Note: I was getting annoyed at how much this code being displayed was throwing off the ......

Posted On Monday, May 29, 2006 8:46 AM

"Fish Race" level is complete!
Well, I've finally finished off a complete level. It's playable from start to finish. If I still have time before the deadline, I'll come back to it later and add some more features to this, but I'm pleased with the way the first pass has turned out and would feel OK submitting it as is. I've also been working on cleaning up the code and I promise I'll post all the code I've written for that level tomorrow. That's it for me today, I'm crawling into bed tonight with the satisfaction that I've finally ......

Posted On Sunday, May 28, 2006 9:37 PM

Refactoring Fun
Well, I've been working on doing code cleanup the past couple of days and I'm very happy with the way things have been going. I've gotten my code to the point that I have started three different levels (Feeding Frenzy, Follow the Leader and today Fish Race) and I have not had to write a single bit of code to interact with DirectX. Basically, I haven't had to do much thinking at all about DirectX and I can just focus on what game objects that particular level uses and how the logic of their interaction ......

Posted On Saturday, May 27, 2006 8:16 PM

Still no code, but here's some screenshots and a progress update
I still am not ready to post any code. (crossing my fingers for this weekend). But here are some screenshots of the progress I have been making. Currently, I have a few of the menu options hooked up. Basically, when the game starts, you can select Storymode or Freeplay. Going into storymode immediately starts you at the first level, but selecting Freemode gives you the ability to select a particular "level" or gametype you want to play. Currently two of the "levels" are just about playable. Follow ......

Posted On Friday, May 26, 2006 3:32 AM

Architecture Inspiration and GameState
Before I post any of my code for the game development challenge, I just wanted to take some time and show some respect to the developer I got most of my architecture design from. I was having difficulty developing 2D games in DirectX and there were several key concepts in game development that I wasn't even aware that I wasn't aware of (how's that for a sentence ;) ) before I stumbled upon these tutorials. The most important concept I gained from these tutorials was learning about the importance ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 24, 2006 8:40 PM

My first complaint with Visual Studio Express
Well, tonight I was trying to speed up some load times for some things and as I was trying to figure out what functions were taking a long time and where those functions were being called from I ran into a stumbling block. My old trusty Call Stack Window, which I rely quite heavily upon when debugging, is gone in the Express version. Now I know Jason will pipe up and say, No it's not you blockhead noob! And his shrill piping voice would be both correct and wrong. You see Microsoft apparently loves ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:00 AM

Weekend progress halted by the mystical and almighty powers of the Family Unit
Well, I had grand ideas, loft goals and huge panoramic visions for game development time this weekend. However, those dreams where shattered, shackled and made to bow before the almighty power of the Family Unit. You see, just recently my youngest son (I have 3 boys ages 5 and under) has learned how to climb to the top of the bunk beds in their room (they all sleep in the same room). The problem is for this future acrobat, he's only 21 months old and falling from the height doesn't seem to deter ......

Posted On Monday, May 22, 2006 3:34 PM

Design document completed. VS Express downloaded and installed. I must be serious.
Well, Jason and Chris have continued to poke and prod me down this path I never thought I'd find myself on. I don't know how this contest is going to turn out, but I know if the talk continues like it was today, it's going to be one fun journey. Here's a little screenshot of the download and install for Visual Studio 2005 Express. It was a fairly painless task and registering was a cinch. I was even feeling friendly toward Microsoft and left the report anonymous statistics checkbox checked. So far ......

Posted On Saturday, May 20, 2006 3:20 AM

Master say Hairless Man Codes with Zen Like Focus
It's official. I'm entering "the contest" and Chris and Jason will be sorry I've been pushed to this. Last night I had my wife shave off all my hair. Why did I choose to do this? I wanted a very visible symbol of my determination and focus. When I start to think to myself, man I'm tired, I should take a break from this contest winning game and play some Guild Wars: Factions, I want to be reminded as I run my hands through my short bristly hair that I need to buckle down and turn up the intensity. ......

Posted On Friday, May 19, 2006 1:32 PM

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