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Well, I had grand ideas, loft goals and huge panoramic visions for game development time this weekend. However, those dreams where shattered, shackled and made to bow before the almighty power of the Family Unit.

You see, just recently my youngest son (I have 3 boys ages 5 and under) has learned how to climb to the top of the bunk beds in their room (they all sleep in the same room). The problem is for this future acrobat, he's only 21 months old and falling from the height doesn't seem to deter him from climbing back up again, bloody nose and all. So needles to say, nap times and bed times have been somewhat scary with this new found physical power of his. So, we took up the task this weekend of giving up our precious office and moving our very own Evil Knieval into his own room minus the bunk beds and other miscellaneous furniture he had a tendency to climb.

Here's a picture of the super hero in training. Today the bunkbeds, tomorrow he'll be saving the world (or destroying it I guess)

So between the re-wiring of the house so we had Cat5e in the new places our computers were going to be placed and moving the many pieces of furniture in a kind of crazy heavy object musical chairs game throughout the house I didn't have a lot of time to work on any development for this project.

I did manage to squeeze some time in and draw up 5 different backgrounds for the 5 different levels of the proposed game and I began working on being able to walk through the various gamestates without any actual gameplay. I'll try and get some screenshots and if I can manage to make it a little more presentable, the code that I'm writing to do that so that I can continue to share my progress.

Tonight I'm picking one of the easier game types, the Follow the Leader (Centipede clone) game type and see if I can add some gameplay elements to it. So far, I haven't noticed any help or hindering from developing with the Express version. I can't believe it's free is my biggest sense of amazement so far. I don't miss any features at this point in the development cycle and it's just pretty dang awesome that I can develop in the full version at work all day and come home to my perfectly legal copy at home and not notice any changes or frustrations from being kneecapped in areas I use the most. That's just awesome.

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2006 3:34 PM GWB Game Design Challenge | Back to top

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