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Before I post any of my code for the game development challenge, I just wanted to take some time and show some respect to the developer I got most of my architecture design from. I was having difficulty developing 2D games in DirectX and there were several key concepts in game development that I wasn't even aware that I wasn't aware of (how's that for a sentence ;) ) before I stumbled upon these tutorials.

The most important concept I gained from these tutorials was learning about the importance of GameState. I still don't understand everything about GameStates in their entirety (and I'm not really sure why it feels like such a confusing topic, but it is to me for some reason), but I was able to walk through his tutorials and gleam enough during my conversion from his C# code to my VB code to recognize that it's a concept that revolutionizes the way I had been developing games. As I come to grasp more and more of just what GameStates means for my games, it's been making so much of what was extremely confusing and difficult in developing games before, more streamlined and easier.

I'm not sure I like everything about the way he made his base architecture and I have made some change in those areas where I have encountered problems in my own game development (like deciding to no initialize all GameStates on application start), but most of my core architecture in the majority of my games I've been working on since I discovered these tutorials is definitely a result of walking through his tutorials and I reuse a lot of the classes the tutorials guide you through.

If you are new to game development and have an interest in 2D game development with DirectX, then I highly recommend walking through these tutorials. For me, they were what took my projects to the next level and I feel like I'm that much closer to understanding game development a little better and being able to turn out a more modifiable and polished product.

Hopefully those tutorials are a help to someone else who has been struggling. I know they did the trick for me.

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