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Yep, that's my first bit of non-swag Gamefest news I want to share. I know it's not very technical, but she was the closest thing I met to a celebrity there so that elevated the coolness of it. Just who exactly is E.Gauger you ask? And I ask you, you mean you don't read Kotaku yet consider yourself a geek? Shame on you.

But, just so you don't get embarrassed next time this comes up, seriously check out Kotaku, it's this geeky gaming news website which does all the work for me by collecting all gaming news into one central location. Efficiency people!

I still didn't answer your question about who E. Gauger is? Well, maybe this will help?

No? Still nothing? Well, she's a little bit of this mixed in with more than a little of this.

Got it yet? No? Well, if you go to Kotaku and scroll down while looking to the left (careful don't hurt yourself), you'll see their list of contributing editors. She happens to be one of them and she happened to be at Microsoft Gamefest and I just happened to have talked to her.

It was cool. I didn't expect to actually see a name I would recognize so well. So when I saw her name tag I immediately went up and introduced myself to her. I'd love to say it was one of the most riveting conversations I've ever had or that I had her in the throes of laughter with my wit or swept of her feet with my charm.

But no, over the steady rhythmic bass of the Beehives who were playing the Microsoft Gamefest, we yelled sentences back and forth at each other. The conversation went a bit like this.

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you.
E. Gauger: Thanks. (handshake)

[The next part of the conversation has been censored because I promised I wouldn't mention where she was from and that's what we discussed next]

Me: I promise I won't reveal your secret.
E. Gauger: I guess I should get ready for it anyway, this is kind of like my coming out party.
E. Gauger: Are you a commentor on Kotaku?
Me: No
E. Gauger: They will be opening up for more commentors. The ones we currently have are blathering wastes of bandwidth spewing forth idiotic pre-teen ramblings coming from the minds and mouths of grown men who should have learned how to use an apostrophe correctly by now.
Me: Really? I thought the commentors were doing better. Especially after Kotaku started offering prizes for the comment of the day and such.
E. Gauger: Really? (writes me off as a moron)
E. Gauger: Have you seen a really tall, curly haired blond guy?
Me: No
E. Gauger: He gave me a very cryptic message and directed me to a site. It has art. I'm trying to find him.
Me: (looking around)
Me: No, sorry, I don't see him anywhere.
E. Gauger: Well, I'm going to go try and meet him.
Me: Good luck.

(E. Gauger wanders away, and I go back to drinking.)

And that's how you do it. She was a rather interesting person to talk to and speaks exactly as she writes. Her eyes constantly scanned the room and she had the appearance of being both very self-controlled and all over the place at the same time. My only question is in her write up of Gamefest, she describes the type of people that she met and talked with and I have to wonder, which category did she put me in?

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