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My wife is a scrapbooker. Maybe your wife, girlfriends, significant other is too. I'm sorry, I understand, I'm there too. We hear a lot about WoW widows and such, but we husbands of the scrapbookers, we have it just as rough. Garages, spare rooms, closets filled with paper scrapbooking materials. Papers, ribbons, 60 different types of scissors, embellishments, buttons, etc. Then comes the digital scrapbooking and you have Photoshop, drawing tablets, memory, external hard drives...

Recently, I was enslaved by my wife to help her launch her own digital scrapbooking online store. I use "enslaved" lightly because I have no other word to describe the horrors I have seen. We need a better word for the kind of labor a tech husband does for his wife. Somebody get on that. During the course of my "enslavement", I have spent the last 3 weeks getting a linux server (hosted by GoDaddy) up and running with her blog, site entrance, photo gallery and zen-cart store up and running. I've become efficient in many web technologies that I used to ignore (I'm an ASP.NET guy during the day). I've walked through valleys and mountain peaks of CSS, HTML, PhP and Zen Cart should be a language and technology unto itself. Oh the amazing joys of customizing Zen Cart.

But, tonight. Tonight it is all over. Her store is officially launched, my marriage is still intact and maybe NOW I can play with XNA a little more...

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I wife has the Cricut ( for scrapbooking. This things is a printer for cutting out words and designs. The lady at the checkout said this is the XBox of the scrapbooking world and they are hard to keep on the shelves.

I to am a husband of a scrapbooker, but I lost my office to her because she is quieter than me and Brandon's room is right next to it. So i am in a 6x6 room now with an OfficeMax $130 desk and she is in the 12x12 office with my $1500 desk. Oh well, she gives me WoW time
Left by Jeff Julian on Aug 31, 2006 8:37 PM

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