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CropperCapture[19] It's been a long time coming and most of the other MVPs have already been there and gone (yeah, you Mr. ZMan with your 5,000 posts...), but today, I finally hit 1,000 posts on the XNA forums! I love helping out new people and putting my time in at the Creator's forum is a great way to do that. It's fun but it's definitely an activity that consumes a lot of my time. But watching the community grow makes it feels totally worth it. I love being part of it all and feel like I'm doing my small piece contributing to growing this awesome community.

The Creator's forums are definitely the BEST support forums I have ever seen and I'm  proud to be a part of that. Questions are answered quickly and by some extremely intelligent people (that's not me, I only answer the newbie questions!). The forums themselves have extremely active moderators who basically live on the forums all day long (that would be me). One of the coolest things about the forums is that the XNA framework developers themselves hang out there and help in answering questions (you guys rock!).

If you're interested in game development and looking to get started I would definitely recommend you make it a central hub  as you get going. Starting out with the XNA framework and game development, you're going to have questions and it might feel a bit overwhelming, but the Creator's forums are there just for you. Just head over and take some time to ask any questions you might have. The members there are extremely helpful and polite and will get you on your way quickly. And who knows, maybe you'll be my 1001th forum post!

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