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I bought an iPad on Labor Day at the Apple Store in Greensboro, NC.  I blogged about my stored experiences with some interesting feedback.  I'd like to share my experiences with the iPad thus far.


Yes, the iPad is hyped.  But it is REALLY REALLY COOL!  I admit it...I love it.  I bought the least expensive version because I anticipated using it only for development.  It's linked to Exchange, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, College Football scores, etc., etc.  And I find myself using it a lot.  I sit with it, keep it close with me in the house to quickly respond to questions about my schedule, research definitions, look for recipes, and so on.

I find myself disappointed in locations with no WiFi as I do not have a 3G version.  That's how much I've enjoyed using it.  I want to use it everywhere.  It has a small profile that is easy to carry.  I have a Lenovo Tablet Netbook but I find myself enjoying the iPad more for portability, battery life, and form factor.


Despite how wonderful I think it is, I believe it is overpriced.  The case alone is $40.  No keyboard comes with it.  I type very fast (about 105 WPM) so I am significantly slower with the on-screen keyboard.  Additionally, it is a consumption device (thanks Chris Atienza for that word).  I would want to write this blog post, for example, with the on-screen keyboard.  So, for a consumption device, I think the price is too high.


The apps are fine in general.  They are what I expected.  EverNote, specifically, has been pleasantly surprising.  I used it at a recent conference with much appreciation.  The voice recording feature was suprisingly robust.  I love have Exchange calendar and mail there.  I don't do any productivity with it because of the aforementioned missing keyboard.


I have developed two specific usage styles based on the iPad form factor.  1) I have taught myself to use the keyboard in a way that works for me.  2)  I have learned to take notes more efficiently.  This is the best aspect of using it.  Because of the keyboard situation, I take care to only note what is important to me.


It's cool, overpriced, consumption-oriented, and I really like it.  So, while I think it's overpriced, I wish I'd spent the extra $130 to get a 3G version so I could quite literally use it almost everywhere.

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For x amount of money you can use the apple Bluetooth keyboard and go back to typing as fast as before. I love it too!
Left by Bryan on Sep 22, 2010 12:05 AM

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