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Went to training at The Forge yesterday and did a Day in the life of Agile with Pillar.  It was pretty good.

Check them out at:

A single-day agile project simulation that is engaging, educational, provocative, and fun. This simulation introduces concepts like time-boxed iterations, User Stories, collective estimation, commitment to a product owner for iteration scope, formal verification ritual at iteration conclusion, tracking velocity, and making results big and visible through charts. The exercise is designed to simulate not only how agile teams and practices work, but the inevitable challenges that arise as teams attempt to adopt such practices.

One of the best parts of this training was getting some hands on experience with agile.  We used a program called Scratch to create an arcade video game.  Our team chose Frogger.  We had 3 iterations at 20 minutes each.  I think we did pretty good but in the panic of trying to get a bunch done in only 20 minutes made it interesting.


To check out our project, I uploaded it to my CodePlex site

Download Source Code (Under Scratch/Frogger)

Cool class! I highly recommend if you get the opportunity.

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