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It's been 12 hours and shockingly... I still have NO REGISTRATION CODE.

Nobody at RegNow is able(?) to help me, and nobody at Eltima is answering the phone. Apparently it takes 2 business days for them to contact Eltima on my behalf, and even longer than that to process my refund. (Of course it only took them seconds to charge my card in the first place.)

Oh and the guy at RegNow was nice enough to talk to me as if I were an idiot. "Well sir... it IS the weekend you know..." I'm sorry, but so f@cking what? They are selling software over the internet, and have the ability to accept payment 24 hours a day, and the website CLEARLY states that I will receive my Reg Code IMMEDIATELY after my payment is submitted. The 12 hours later crap didn't show up until after they had my money, and even that turned out to be a total lie. It didn't say anything about "except on weekends"...

So even if it isn't RegNow's fault (as one person tried to tell me)... that doesn't change the fact that they are rude and completely unsympathetic to my problem. Therefore... I stand by my original statement: I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO USES REGNOW EVER AGAIN... EVER!

and I will also never buy anything else from Eltima... ever ever again, and I will continue to tell everyone I meet about what a horrible experience I've had with BOTH companies. Hell, I'm thinking about even getting t-shirts made. Anybody want to buy one? I promise to handle all financial transactions personally and not farm it out to some shady 3rd party arrangement like RegNow. Posted on Saturday, August 13, 2005 8:18 PM General Interest | Back to top

Comments on this post: 12 hours later... still hopping mad

# re: 12 hours later... still hopping mad
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I swear, I promise, I vow, I will never use the service that made you foam like this! Poor Chris. What can we do to calm you down? :-)
Left by Julie Lerman on Aug 14, 2005 4:31 PM

# re: 12 hours later... still hopping mad
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It's nice to be heard... I feel better already! (Ok, that and the fact that I finally got my reg code 30+ hours later)

Regardless, thank you for stopping by! :)
Left by Blogus Maximus on Aug 14, 2005 4:54 PM

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