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I didn't stand in line. I didn't rush right out. I didn't beat up grannies or housewives to get my copy.

I went to WalMart. Paid my 40 bucks. Came back to RCG and started installing.

About an hour later (4 discs plus 3 online updates) I was ready to play... then Boy #1 pushed me out of the way and proceeded making a Blood Elf Paladin. Yeah, him and a million other folks.

Let's just say the starting areas were a bit crowdy. Lots of very well dressed Blood Elves roaming around whacking stuff, issuing duel challenges, doing quests. Boy #1 loved it.

One thing Boy #1 was really impressed by, was how nice the blood elves are dressed at first level... you know compared to the rest of the Horde. Considering most of them are in rags, well into their teens or twenties (and the Undead into their thirties) the Blood Elves look like they're running the joint. I expect, for sometime, they will be. Lotsa Bouncin Baby Blood Elves lately.

As for the Drenai. Not quite as sexy. Ya know, for a toon. Not quite as "must play" but still pretty cool. Or so it appears over Boy #1's shoulder. It's been 4 days, I still haven't had a chance to play. But I'm in TX tonight, so there's hope.

Oh and thank you American Airlines, I have enough airfare vouchers for GenCon now, and TechEd. :)

annnd here's to Jason, for sticking the needle back in. I thought we'd lost ya for sure. Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 2:41 PM General Interest | Back to top

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