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So yesterday was the big day at St. Mary's.  We did another mid day session, and then last night was the final judging for the senior game projects. There were some pretty interesting concepts on display and it was obvious an amazing amount of work had been done (by SOME of the teams) in the time given.

It snowed pretty much all day, so we were a bit worried about what kind of turnout we would have, but since almost all of the students live on campus, we had a great turnout! Thankfully we had plenty of pizza and sodas for everyone.

The games on display were a mix of 2D and 3D, using a variety of techniques and technologies. One of my favorite games relied heavily on voice cues to direct the player through the woods to a log cabin, at night, while being chased by wolves. Another good game used a 3/4 isometric style and click to walk interface (ala Diablo) with some pretty cool hand-drawn artwork.

The most polished game, by far, happened to use TorqueX (although not the TorqueX Builder.) This gave them the opportunity to focus more on gameplay, art and music instead of the basic plumbing everyone else had to go through.

There was one stinker in the bunch. These guys spent as much or more time on making flashy "trailers" and hype than on the game itself... and it showed. Although all of the explosions and weapon noises were made by of the guys on the team and were pretty hilarious, so it wasnt a total loss.

We wrapped up the judging around 10:30pm and went back to the lodge. It was still snowing and we were a little concerned about what the roads would be like at 4 in the morning when it was time to leave for the Washington DC Reagan National airport (some 90 miles away.)  After some discussion, we decided to make the drive around 11:30pm and set off to the airport.

With the weather, the drive took about 2 hours, putting us there around 1:30am. We dropped off the rental, and walked (no shuttles) to the main airport. Unfortunately, the "open 24 hours" aspect of the airport apparently only referred to the front lobby area, so there we sat for about 5 hours. Each of us had a couple bags, which we kept close to us, because we didn't want anyone to take our stuff.

There was this creepy dreadlock dude who kept walking by, watching us and stealing food from one of the snack bars. Neither Andy or I went to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time (and not at the same time) because we figured this guy would haul ass with our stuff.  Eventually, someone saw him trying to steal stuff, so he bailed. He didn't have any luggage of his own, and left before they started letting people into the terminal, so I guess he was just looking for somewhere warm to hang out for a few hours. I'm not sure warm is the right word, since it was still pretty damn cold, but it certainly beat being outside.

Eventually the terminal opened up and we were able to get in to the ticketing and check-in area. Naturally, after all that I found out my flight was delayed by a few hours.

Eventually I made it home, and of course, it was snowing here too. Big surprise. :)  Still it's good to be home.

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2007 8:20 PM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

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