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We're kicking this week off with an interview with my good friend Rod Paddock. Aside from being one of the coolest dudes on earth, Rod's also the editor of a little mag you developer types may have heard of: CoDe Magazine. I shot Rod some questions, and he shot me some answers. Here you go:

image 1. Where are you from? (especially if its not where you are now, geographically.)
I’m from California. I graduated from Palmdale High School in 1987. I lived in Bend Oregon for a few years when I went to school. Then moved to the Seattle area around 16 years ago.

2. Who do you work for / What do you do? Give me the 10 second pitch on you/your company/your product...
I am the owner of Dash Point Software, Inc. a Seattle and soon to be Austin, TX based company. Our company provides software services specializing in Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server. We do end to end development services. Meaning we help companies architect and develop software to run their business with.

3. How did you get there? 
I started my business when I was laid off from Pinnacle Publishing (we used to sell Graphics Server and a ton of newsletters, the newsletters are owned by some hack POS company now) like 14 years ago. I was doing some work on the side when I had a “real” job. When I got laid off they said “Let us know when your last day is.” So I told em I wanna work 4 days a week at home and one in the office for the next 8 weeks or so. I worked 1-2 hours for them on the 4 days and the rest started my business. I basically called all the people I was moonlighting for and said I have a ton of availability now. They said cool. We have a lot more work. I was also a trainer for Application Developers Training Company (Now AppDev from your hometown of Minneapolis)

4. A lot of folks see you as a techie rock star type & code mag editor, but I know you're also a heavy duty gamer. What's your favorite game and how did you get introduced to it?
My all time favorite game is Dungeons and Dragons. When I started gaming I didn’t start with that game but with a game called Gamma World. In 7th grade I played a keeshan (amphibious mutant) and blew our entire party up with a grenade of some type. After blowing the party up I learned how to play D&D. I was a big time gamer, writing articles, modules and attending a ton of conventions including GenCon twice. My first article was published in the RPGA newsletter when I was 17 or 18. I generally like to be a DM when I play. Probably why I like computers so much. Control freak I guess<G>

5. Speaking of rock star types, you're one of those folks others blog about. how does the aspiring developer get to be Rod Paddock? What does it take?
Wow this is a tough question. I really consider myself as a regular dude. Not a rock star. I think the key element of what I do for a living is passion. I really love what I do and have a serious passion for it. If I didn’t do this for a living I would definitely do it for fun. Another quality you need to possess is a desire to learn. This is a learning business where you need to keep adapting your skill set. I love to learn so this is the job for me.

I consider myself lucky. This profession has given me the ability to travel the world and hang out with some of the coolest people in the business.

6. I'm a social networking junkie, and I see you on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, etc... what are your thoughts on the social networking boom and where do you see it heading?
You know what lately I am really digging the whole social networking thing. It’s a great mechanism for people to keep in touch when they are pretty much anywhere in the world. Heck I was seeing tweets from my friend Markus Egger who is in Egypt today. I used to give my wife grief about her whole MySpace deal. You know the web site where every page looks like a ransom letter. I really started to like it when I got into Facebook. I set up an account many moons ago and forgot all about it. I returned to it and had like 7 friend requests. I accepted them and then went about looking at the folks I was friends with and adding there friends to my list. It’s pretty cool and a good mechanism for keeping up with people that have crazy busy lives. My most recent foray into social networking is Twitter. It’s kind of an addicting platform.

7. You're a VB MVP and you were FoxPro before that, so what are some other areas of your technical expertise?
Yup I definitely live in a house that FoxPro built. I am a true computer junkie and have a passion for learning new technologies. My expertise is in ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, WinForms, Silverlight, Visual Basic 6, Visual FoxPro among others. In a former life I worked in Unix. I am also a fan of Linux (don’t use it but keep up on what’s happening in that space)

8. What's next for Rod?  Any big plans / projects on the horizon?
Next step for Rod and family is our move to Austin, TX. Our house in Austin is almost done and we’ll be moved in by end of August, 2008. Once we get moved in my next project is to fully equip my media room. Along with being a computer geek I am probably a bigger movie geek.

9. Last of all, and thanks for the interview, any tattoos?
Yup…. I have two. Trying to figure out what the third will be.

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