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Caught a cab from the hotel to Code Camp, although the cab apparently couldn’t come onto the campus, so had to hoof it a little, once I knew where to go.

Ran into Rob Zelt (INETA Pres) and Daniel Egan (former INETA Pres, now MS DE) chatted for a minute, got registered, grabbed a muffin and was off to the first session (Scala).

Unfortunately, the first session was having some technical difficulties but they got resolved fairly quickly.

The Scala talk was pretty interesting and while it was Java-centric, it was close enough to C# to easily follow along. Feels a lot like F# in terms of what it can do, only a bit moreso. Good talk.

Took a quick break to find a soda between sessions, walked around a bit and did a brief video (15 seconds?) for Daniel and then hit the food court / store. Grabbed a couple sodas and headed back only to notice a soda machine right next to the room I was in. (How the hell did I miss that?)

Chris Smith’s “Intro to F#” talk had already started, so I grabbed a seat and hung out for that. Most of it was stuff I had already seen in the demos and tutorials, but he also talked about OO coding in F#, and Async/Parallel programming… both of which were cool.

(Chris is a good presenter, with a relaxed and humorous style. Handled questions well, including the one guy who was kind of a pita.  Definitely a fun session.)


Time for lunch….

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