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I posted an article on MS BRE side effects yesterday.   I had immediately to withdraw it for a few hours because I realised it was incomplete (and actually a little wrong) in one part.   Then I noticed I had swapped the legend text on the graph making it appear that caching made things slower, rather than faster!   I then discovered today that for the last three years I have been completely ignorant of the fact that you can drag and drop object constructors onto the 'assert' argument in the Rules Composer in order to expolit the built-in CreateObject function!   Big red face.   I have changed the offending paragraph where I moaned at Microsoft for not providing access to this functionality!   Given the number of times I have complained about the lack of comprehensive documentation for BizTalk and related technologies, it is ironic that Microsoft has documented this particular feature very cleary indeed, and even given a brief description of what happens behind the scenes!   I am suitably chastened.

The updated article remains at   If anyone spots any other artefacts of my ignorance or inattention, do please let me know!

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You're human after all!! :)

Hope you're well my Friend - I'm coming to the UK for Christmas.....

I'll look over your docco and give you the feedback.
Left by Mick on May 10, 2007 7:26 AM

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