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SSAS: Are my Aggregations processed?
You have designed Aggregations for your cube, but how do you know that they are currently processed? Hopefully you have your processing routines setup in production so that your indexes are always kept processed. But maybe you are working in a development environment or you are performance tuning that you want to double check that your aggregations are currently processed. It is not immediately obvious how you can figure if the indexes for a partition or a set of partitions are processed as this ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 2, 2008 10:17 PM | Comments (9)

SSAS: Reporting on Metadata
I had a comment recently on one of my older posts that I did about XMLA which asked about listing cubes in a database and whether the cube is processed and it's size. I have posted about a number of different ways of doing this over the last few years, but I thought I would use this opportunity to consolidate a list all the various ways of doing this that I could think of. Under the covers all these techniques are ultimately issuing some sort of XMLA discover against the SSAS database and returning ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 6, 2008 10:08 AM | Comments (4)

SSAS: Acquiring Locks using XML/A from SSMS - Part 2
Mosha commented on my last post on this topic that there was another simpler way of doing the same thing from SSMS. And that is to execute the following commands from an MDX window. First run ...<BeginTransaction xmlns="http://schemas.micro... /> and then...<Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> ......

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SSAS: Acquiring Locks using XML/A from SSMS
I put the following code sample together in response to this question on the Analysis Services forum. If you read Books Online, you might think that running the following statement in SSMS would work : <Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> </Object> <Mode>CommitShared<... But it will throw the following ......

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