SQL 2005 - BOL Feedback

Chris Webb and a couple of other people mentioned in the last couple of months that if you see an error in a Microsoft help file, not to whine about it, but to click on the feedback link and let them know about the issue.

I spotted a small error (back in November last year) where count measures in Analysis Services 2005 were listed as being semi-additive, when in fact they are additive. So I decided to give it a go and sent some feedback in. Well, I received feedback from a Programming Writer at MS today, thanking me for my feedback and saying that it would be incorporated in the next refresh of BOL. So keep an eye on the Measure and Measure Group Properties page next refresh of BOL.

So if you see any errors on inaccuracies, send in the feedback and you too can be immortalized in a compiled help file :)

Print | posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 5:34 PM