November 2008 Entries

SSAS: Listing Attribute Relationships
Occasionally questions come up about how to extract certain pieces of metadata from Analysis Services. In general all the metadata that you would need on a day to day basis is pretty well covered by the standard schema rowsets. And in SSAS 2008 you can use the system DMVs to get at most of this data. For example, if you want to get a list of the current user sessions on the server you can do the following... SELECT * FROM $System.DISCOVER_SESSIONS ...and in SSAS 2005 you can use the same syntax with ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10:58 PM | Comments (5)

BIDSHelper is #1
Yesterday at the 2008 PASS conference they announced the winners of the SQL Heroes contest and I am proud to announce that BIDSHelper won first place with a perfect score of 55 out of 55. And extra congratulations go to BIDSHelper team member John Welch who also had one of his other projects - ssisUnit come in equal second. Thanks to everyone who voted for BIDSHelper ......

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Teaser: SSAS Cache Warming with PowerShell
You may be thinking oh-no, not another one. Allan Mitchell recently posted an example of an SSIS package that would warm the SSAS cache which is an updated version with a slightly simpler SSIS data flow from something Chris Webb originally blogged. Being a PowerShell fan as I read Allan's post I realised that most of the tasks mapped to native PowerShell cmdlets and I already had PowerShell code to execute an MDX command, so all I was missing was someway of reading in the trace data. What I ended ......

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