DAX Studio 2.2.6 released

Just release an update to DAX Studio bundling up the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Support for the upcoming release of Power BI Desktop
  • Dynamic Ribbon resizing
  • Remembering of Window size and location
  • fixing display of hierarchies in Excel 2013
  • fixing quoting of keywords in table names
  • fixing an error when duplicate column names are returned in a query
  • fixing an issue when changing databases when connected to a Multi-Dim server
  • fixing an issue when connecting as a non-admin

I’m particularly happy with the dynamic resizing that is part of the Fluent.Ribbon control. It took a bit of effort to figure out, but it provides a much better experience than having to scroll the ribbon when window size is reduced.

So on a wide screen display you still get the full ribbon in all it’s glory


Then on an older 1024px wide screen a few of the labels in the Edit and Find groups drop off


Then things dynamically shrink then the groups finally start to collapse into dropdown menus. So if you want to go split screen on a small display everything still works even at 500px wide without needing to scroll the ribbon.


Print | posted on Friday, July 24, 2015 7:27 AM