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Use the CData ODBC Driver for NetSuite in SAS JMP
You can use the CData ODBC Driver to integrate NetSuite data into the statistical analysis tools available in SAS JMP. This article shows how to use NetSuite data in the Graph Builder and Query Builder.You can use the CData ODBC Driver for NetSuite to integrate live data into your statistical analysis with SAS JMP. The driver proxies your queries directly to the NetSuite API, ensuring that your analysis reflects any changes to the data. The CData ODBC Driver supports the standard SQL used by JMP ......

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Use Crystal Reports to create reports with Salesforce data
Crystal Reports provides built-in support for the JDBC standard. The CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce enables you to use the Report Wizard and other tools to access Salesforce data in Crystal Reports. This article shows how to create a simple report that features Salesforce data.Install the JDBC DriverInstall the CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce by including the driver JAR in the Crystal Reports classpath: Set the DataDriverCommon element in the CRConfig.xml file to the path to the JAR.The CRConfig.xml ......

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Using SQL to Query Gmail
The Gmail Data Provider makes it easy to search email from a Gmail account. Instead of learning the details of the IMAP search command, you can simply use the simple SQL syntax. However, the full IMAP search specification is supported. You can also search based on multiple criteria at the same time. This article will demonstrate how to use SQL to execute simple and advanced IMAP searches. Message FieldsFor simple searches, such as searching for all emails from a particular person, you can use message ......

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