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March 2006 Entries

"Exactly one element is required directly inside the element" Workaround

I ran into this issue working with the sitemap, and I was banging my head on my desk reading post after post about how you just had to nest everything under a “home” node...until I remember the workaround I did for a previous asp.net 2.0 app. All the samples out there will tell you that you need to have one root siteMapNode, and this is true. But what if you don't want to show that node? What if you want this to be used for a menu and there needs to be multiple starting points and not ......

New Bike!

So with spring fast approaching, I decided that it was time to get off my fat @$$ and get moving. I've always loved biking, and I've had my best weight loss results while biking regularly. So last night I went browsing for bikes at the local Olympia Cycle and Ski. I was going to check out some of the generic sports stores that sell everything, but OC&S specializes in bikes. I've bought from there before too, and it was a pleasant experience from what I remember. The kewl thing there is that they ......

Nifty Corners

I've once again run into the need to create curved corners within a web page. But this time my Googling brought me to Nifty Corners, a site that's quite nifty indeed! Alessandro Fulciniti has written a great set of articles showing how you can accomplish rounded corners on a div without the need for pesky image files! He's also written an updated article that contains enhancements like better browser support (the link is available on the nifty corners website). D ......

Ain't Technology Great?

So last month I did this post looking for a song from the 90's that's been in the back of my mind for a while but that I haven't been able to track down. I had thought that it was done by Chris Shepperd but under a different band name. Tonight, I hit the jackpot. Turns out that the band Chris Shepperd had before Love Inc. was BKS (big hit was Astroplane...not available on ITunes...boo). Also turns out that he didn't even do the song that I was looking for. Some German fan posting my same question ......

Community Server Developer Site

There's a developer-focussed site for Community Server development at




Kewl Geeky Fun

I've been playing around with some new tech stuff over the last few weeks. Office LiveI've been trying out the new Office Live offering by Microsoft (www.officelivechurch.com), and for a business its great! For an organization, I think it could work as well. It's basically Sharepoint under the hood though, so there's nothing really “new” there that I haven't seen before. IE 7Anyone who hasn't gotten IE 7 really should. I've been really happy with it, and have had almost no problems (a ......

Edit DNN 4.0 in VS.NET 2005

I'm hunting for some documentation, tutorials, anything, that shows how you can do webform editing to the Dot Net Nuke 4.x within vs.net 2005.

Apparantly its supposed to have some new functionality that allows you to specify regions and such (?)

Maybe I'm way off and looking for something that doesn't exist...anyone have any experience with this?


When geeks have actual singing ability...

It's nice that Dr. Mario FINALLY gets some recognition.

Human Tetris would never have taken off.



Venom Venom Venom!

Let's spend some time discussing the who's who of villains that could pop up in Spiderman 3. First, I draw your attention to the image on the right. This is the promo-poster currently out for Spiderman 3 (which isn't out for another year...as in May 2007). No, its not really dark outside...that IS a BLACK suit Spiderman is wearing. Black suit. As in black suit that was really a symbiote and ended up bonding with Eddy Brock and became Venom perhaps?See, here's the thing. According to imdb there are ......

Displaying Gradients on the Web

So I'm working on a new website for the company I work for, and I'm looking at some other sites to get some inspiration. I was looking through Microsoft's website, and seeing how they did their table structures and what not...when I happened accross an interesting line of code: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.... endColorStr='#1E77D3', gradientType='1') So I called out “Oh great Google, please tell me what this means” and the response I got was this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/l... ......

NFOP: Resource Bundle Not Found

For anyone that's using the NFOP library for outputting xsl-fo to pdf, if you get the error “Resource Bundle Not Found” when your driver.run( ) command is hit, it could be that your xsl-fo isn't well formed. I was running into this and couldn't figure out why it was happening (not too many Google results other than off of Sourceforge). I finally found a post on Sourceforge that said to verify that your fo syntax was correct. Voila!


Analysts miss key Origami market

If you believe the analysts in this article, Microsoft's new Ultra Mobile PC isn't going to live up to its hype. It has nowhere near the battery life of the IPod, its (as Pip Coburn states) “another failed attempt to jam everything into one device.”, and (according to Cynthia Brumfield) its too expensive for consumers. What I find interesting about this article is that they keep refering it as a mobile media device aimed at consumers...an in that capacity, I agree with them. I would never ......

Promise Keeper's Recap

I had a great time over the last day and a half at the Promise Keeper's conference (way better of a time than playing my new game). What is Promise Keepers? 2000 Christian men coming together to hear and talk about how to be better husbands, better fathers, better friends, and better Christians. The speakers were excellent (although Ted DiBiase was supposed to be part of the lineup, but had to back out at the last minute...he would have been awesome to see). Ron Estey, Lennett Anderson, Phil Cann, ......

Don't Underestimate the Remote Wal-Mart Location

So yesterday I decided to jump onto the Ghost Recon bandwagon and pick me up a copy of the game. Of course, I had already heard by mid afternoon that they were sold out everywhere, shortages of the game, blah blah blah. So when I went to my local Best Buy, I wasn't surprised that they had sold out of their copies. Later that night while I was out getting groceries, I stopped by the local Wal Mart. Now, you need to realize that here in Winnipeg (IMHO anyway) most people don't buy their games at Walmart...for ......

VS.NET 2005 Annoyance

Who thought it was a good idea to set the Label control's AutoSize property to True by default?



Academy Awards

So I'm doing some work in the living room while watching the Academy awards. Some thoughts: John Stewart is the MAN! He's doing a fantastic job tonight...very very funny. I think at first the audience was like “who's this guy from NYC hosting?” but they seem to have warmed up to him. If there was an ongoing theme tonight, it would be “Please go see movies at the theatres instead of waiting for them to come out to DVD because we're not making as much money at the box office as we ......


So with the help of a buddy of mine living in the US (thanks Jer!), I've started working with the new OfficeLive Beta from Microsoft. My trial has more behind it than just interest in the technology. I've been involved with technology in my church for a few years now, and setting up networks, buying software, setting up software...for people in volunteer positions to put in the time required to properly secure, setup, and maintain a Sharepoint deployment or even a website, it can really become overwhelming. ......

If Microsoft Packaged the IPod

Funny video over at YouTube showing what the IPod packaging would look like if Microsoft had done it (obviously with a Mac-fan/Anti-MS spin to it).