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Enabling Comments for SharePoint Blogs

Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:08 AM

By default comments are disabled on SharePoint blogs. Here’s how you enabled them:

Go to your blog page and click the Manage Comments link under the Admin links.


Expand the settings menu and select List Settings.


Click on “Permissions for this List”.


Click on the NT Authority\authenticated users.


Now here’s the part I think is sort of screwy. Out of the box, you can grant people full, design, contribute, and read permissions. The closes that you’d want is contribute. However, this still gives your authenticated users the ability to modify all comments in the list, not just there’s. I get that this is done because the comments list is just that: a list. I’m sure there’s a way to customize the security permissions for the list as well (another blog post perhaps), but out of the box this is what you need to set to allow comments to your blog from other SharePoint accounts.


Once you set it, your peeps will be able to comment on your posts.



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