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Prairie Dev Con 2011 – Session List Sneak Peak

Thursday, January 20, 2011 9:08 AM

I’m trying to find time to update the Prairie Developer Conference 2011 website, and the sessions and speaker information will be up by this weekend including the registration page.

For those that are wondering what the session and speaker list looks like, I wanted to give a sneak peak. We have a fantastic set of sessions by world class technologists! We’re covering .NET, Java, Ruby, SQL Server, Agile, User Experience, Mobile, Security, Azure, Office, SharePoint, and others. In fact, this year I’ve added an extra room so we’ll have 5 rooms going and a total of 55 sessions!  have 6 rooms and 61 sessions! (Note: I just added three more speakers, check out the conference blog post detailing the additions here).

Also, Steve Rogalsky will be doing a full day Agile post-conference workshop that shouldn’t be missed!

So for now, here’s the session/speaker list. Watch www.prairiedevcon.com this weekend for session abstracts and detailed speaker info!

Aaronn Kowall Managing Agile Projects with TFS
Aaronn Kowall What's New in Entity Framework 4
Amir Barylko Common TDD mistakes & pitfalls
Amir Barylko Jruby and IronRuby: Using ruby with native Java and .NET code
Brent Watson “What’s Really Going On?” – Using javap to disassemble Java class files.
Brent Watson “Choices, choices, choices” – comparing Java Web Frameworks
Charles & Andrew Nurse The Nurse2 Razor Show Part 1
Charles & Andrew Nurse The Nurse2 Razor Show Part 2
Chris Dagenais By the Powershell of Grayskull, I have the Power to Automate Everything!
Chris Dagenais Self Organizing teams
D'Arcy Lussier WP7 Development Foundation
David Alpert Designing for Success 101: Why UX Matters For Your App
David Alpert Designing for Success 102: 7 Ways to Make your App Learnable, Usable, & Enjoyable
David Wesst HTML 5: Using the Web of the Future with the Browsers of the Past
David Wesst HTML 5 for .NET Pros
David Woods Intro to Cryptography and Best Practices
David Woods WCF Security
Donald Belcham Mocking (Session TBA)
Donald Belcham System Health Monitoring
Dylan Smith Evolve Your Code: Fundamental Design Principles
Dylan Smith Database Change Management
Edwin Sarmiento Developers, Know Thy SQL Server Indexes
Edwin Sarmiento SQL Server Execution Plans for Developers
Eric Legault The Microsoft Office Landscape: Developing Solutions for the Desktop and the Cloud
Gus Emery What’s new in MVC v3.0!
Gus Emery ASP.Net MVC PowerUP!
James Townley Using Scala to be a better lazy developer
James Townley Scala – The time saver (Dojo)
Joel Semeniuk A Dash of Kanban Anyone?
Joel Semeniuk Want Better Estimates? Stop Estimating
John Bristowe Web Standards: A Panel Discussion
John Bristowe An Overview of Internet Explorer 9 for Web Developers
Kelly Cassidy Android Development with MonoDroid and VS2010
Kelly Cassidy Web Development for Mobile
Mike DeFehr Deadlocks: What to do about the dreaded 1205
Mike DeFehr Backups and Recoverability
Mike Deihl Designing a Star Schema Database to Simplify Read Views
Mike Deihl P&P for Developing SQL Server 2008 Integration Packages to Populate Data Warehouses
Philippe Beaudoin GWT and the Model-View-Presenter architecture (Dojo)
Philippe Beaudoin Google AppEngine PaaS
Rob Windsor SharePoint for ASP.NET Developers
Rob Windsor What's New in SharePoint 2010 for Developers
Robert Reppel Limits of TDD: How to Test Code Never Meant To Be
Robert Reppel NserviceBus: From Batch Processing to Asynchronous Messaging, by Example
Rod Paddock Intro to Ruby on Rails
Rod Paddock jQuery 101
Scott J Peterson Bringing Down Goliath: A Windows Phone Paradigm Shift
Scott J Peterson Light Up Your Internet: Silverlight and SharePoint, Arm in Arm
Simon Timms Custom Validation in ASP.net MVC
Simon Timms Templates, templates, templates (VS, T4, Javascript)
Steve Rogalsky User Story Mapping - Rounding Out Your Backlog
Steve Rogalsky Moving Towards Zero Defects with Specification by Example
Tyler Doerkson Building a basic Active Record application in the cloud with Azure web roles and SQL-Azure
Tyler Doerkson Taking your WP7 application to the next level with Tombstoning
Various Agile Fishbowl Panel Discussion


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