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2012 Exciting Year in Microsoft Space

Monday, February 13, 2012 2:40 PM

We’re only in February, but the rest of the 10 months left in 2012 look to be very interesting in the Microsoft space with products that Developers and IT Pros will find intriguing.

Redmond Channel Partner posted a great article outlining what products we can expect to make an appearance this year and when. Some highlights:

Windows 8/Windows Server 8

Well we all know this is coming, and that it will be a huge focus of Microsoft’s marketing (once their people are actually allowed to talk about it). Could be released as early as Q3 2012 to early 2013

SQL Server 2012
The latest version of Microsoft’s database will be released sometime in early 2012, and we’ve already seen sessions at conferences and user groups showing off early builds and features. There will be a virtual launch on March 7th, although there’s no confirmation that the date is also the official launch of the product availability wise.

Visual Studio 11
Not sure when we’ll see this, but there’s a correlation between Windows 8 being released and the dev tools required to make apps for it. VS 11 will come with .NET 4.5 and all the goodness required to make Metro-style applications that run off the WINRT. I have no personal info, but my guess would be fall at the latest for at least a beta.

Office 15
The next version of Office may hit in Q4 of 2012 and betas are already being made available through certain channels.

IE 10
Late this year we can expect the next version of IE to come out, version 10. We’re seeing more increments of IE coming out faster, which can only be a good thing considering the previous gaps between versions.

Make sure to check out the BCP article linked earlier to get all the details and info on the other products being released this year by Microsoft!


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