UPDATE!! The session was not accepted as it in late and did not get enough votes. There will still be various gatherings during the week, if you are a User Group Leader in Florida, please stop by the INETA booth in the Community Lounge.

I've submitted a session for voting at the Teched BOF site: http://www.msteched.com/cfp/bofvoting.aspx (vote early, vote often!).

This session will provide a forum for user group leaders, mvp's, developers, regional speakers and others interested in the Florida developer community to meet and share resources and ideas. The INETA Florida liason Morgan Baker will be there to answer INETA related questions. Find out about the developing www.floridadev.net that MVP Stan Schultes is spearheading.

I'm hoping this will be a chance for a number of people to meet each other and their local user groups. It will also be a great place for anyone that might be planning to start a user group to get some ideas and suggestions from existing user group leaders.